Case Study - Data Loss is not an option, but David’s Samsung Phone Screen survived to see another day. It can happen to us at some point – you sit just before you realise that your phone screen is gone. In light of unfavorable insurance policy, Fone Repairs UK protected David Woods’s phone data last week.

Thursday seemed like every other day for David Woods at work until his business`s closing time. He works as the head of the marketing department of one of the leading retail outlets in the UK. After bidding Tim, a buddy and the lead strategist of the company’s digital department, goodbye he unlocked his car door to hit the road for his 20 minutes journey home. His wife and children were already waiting to hear daddy’s story about his day.

Damn! Shit Happened!
Unprecedentedly, he sat on his Samsung phone as he took his seat in the driver section of his BMW X6 car. “Damn!” was all he could mutter after hearing the barely-audible crack sound of his phone screen. He forgot to remove it from the back pocket of his jean before sitting. Shit happens, but he knew he was in a deep mess because he wasn’t sure if his insurance policy has got his back on this.

A Call to the Customer Support
Woods couldn’t wait to narrate his ordeal to his wife when he got home. His phone screen is dead, nothing works, and most importantly, he could lose vital data including contacts, videos, audios, text files, and notably, the phone number of a potential business partner he met at the café a few days back. Dialing the support contact of his insurance company, he got to understand that they would get his phone repaired in three weeks time, and he is likely to get a replacement if they couldn’t repair his screen. This is a no for David. There was no way he could afford losing his data. For the sake of a potential multi-million pound business deal, he had better find a way out.

Maria Recommends Fone Repairs UK
There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel when Maria, the first daughter of the Woods family, recommended Fone Repairs. A friend of hers had sometimes replaced a broken screen at the company and hyped their service. The following day before heading to his office, David called the Fone Repairs service centre in regards to his phone screen repair before sending an online order through, just to make sure it was possible.

How Fone Repair Helped
It was an arduous task changing the broken screen since the Samsung phone is water and dust resistant. All parts of David’s phone were glued tightly, so the disassembling process had to start from the back.
The expert at Fone Repairs first heated the panel at the back using a heat gun, and with a suction cup, it was removed very carefully. Upon opening the phone, they expertly unplugged all flex cables from the logic board because it consists of small pieces such as speakers, camera, and microphone.
The process became smoother after the removal of the battery. Next, they removed the motherboard, power cable, screen flex cable, and volume button, then the final circuit board powering the antenna.
The heat gun was used to remove the glue from the broken screen. The frame was cleaned, and a new adhesive tape was applied to it. The engineers then placed the new LCD screen display, and all parts were assembled back one after the other.
The performance of the phone was tested before gluing the back lid. Nonetheless, the repair process took about four hours.
After a number charge cycles, the specialists were convinced that David’s phone was back to normal, without any data loss.

David was Elated
Evening came, and David Woods received a call from the service centre following the day work. He was surprised that he would be able to access his phone, all components functional and data intact, in less than 24 hours.

Saying he was happy is an understatement. Mr. Woods went on to say, “Over the night, I considered repairing the phone myself if the guys at Fone Repair couldn’t help. I have to call my business partner the following day, but here am I operating my phone, with my data intact. I'll enjoy sweet dreams tonight. Thank you!”