Christmas & New Year repair services

Date: December 24, 2016

Repairs during the Christmas season and New Year period can be quite stressful so probably you got a smartphone with after-party problems and it is already map-like with the screen showing different countries because of that crack. We all understand the role the mobile phone can play to ease off the stress but now it’s damaged.

A damaged mobile phone can make a Christmas and new year frustrating as you have to fumble around in your pockets for cash when it’s time to pay up for shopping, miss out on that lovely video-call with relatives and family overseas, cannot surf the net, use Whatsapp or Facebook then also you have to go to shop, choose cards, buy stamps, write them all and find a postbox.

The panic is over with Fone Repairs if your device breaks. We can take care of your troubles by returning that modern mobile device that allows you to hold the world at your fingertips or at least all of its information, maps, apps and games in your hand to the previous state of function.
Fone Repairs has trained technicians that repair Samsung & Apple mobile devices, keeping you informed all the way and offers delivery methods (usually Free) that match your budget as well as your requirements. Our aim is to provide customers with the best service which is reliable without having to break the bank.
Our services further include Screen replacement, device info backup, unauthorised peripheral disconnection, accessory replacement; phone reset operations, system restoration, charging port repairs etc. We`re specialists in Samsung Galaxy handsets, Apple iPhone and iPad screen repairs.

Our experience spans over a number of years. We have seen it all from a smartphone which a car ran over to one that fell from the stairs. We are prepared for all types of mobile phone problems that can arise accidentally or through negligence. At Fone Repairs, we make sure that your repaired device is returned safely.
If your expensive iPhone and Samsung smartphone device suddenly begins to malfunction or you`ve broken the screen, then Fone Repairs is who you can trust. We would also like to take this opportunity wishing you a safe & sound Xmas and of-course a Happy New year!